Reminder: Lincoln Common Pavement Replacement

Posted on September 14, 2018


Curb, alley and sidewalk pavement surrounding the Lincoln Common project site will be replaced. Specific alleys and sidewalks will be closed across a phased process according to the below schedule. Please see this logistics plan for closure details.

Phase 1: September 10 through 18 - Halsted to Belden Alley (behind Lincoln Avenue parking garage and Lincoln Common Building D)

Phase 2: September 14 through 25 - Curbs and Sidewalks on Halsted Street (from Fullerton south towards Belden) and Lincoln Avenue (West Side of street, Belden north to parking garage entrance)

Phase 3: September 21 through October 2 - Lincoln Avenue Curbs and Sidewalks (West Side of street)

Phase 4: September 27 through October 9 - Lincoln Avenue Curbs and Sidewalks (West Side of street)

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as Lincoln Common comes to life!