How LCA's Newsletter Had A "Priceless Impact" For A Local Artist

Posted on June 23, 2017

Kathy Jordan I Lincoln Central Association

It's not just people in Lincoln Park who are reading LCA's award winning newsletter, From the Heart. Its reach goes from downtown Chicago to Libertyville and beyond. LCA member Josh Moulton, the local artist featured in the September 2016 issue of the newsletter, can attest to that.

"Just two days after the newsletter article appeared, I received a phone call from a graphic designer," says Moulton, owner of Josh Moulton Fine Art Gallery. The designer was from McCaffery Interests, also an LCA member, which, with Hines, is developing The Lincoln Common on the site of the former Children's Memorial Hospital.

"While we were developing the brand for The Lincoln Common, we explored several artists whose work we felt captured the experience of living in Lincoln Park," said Heather Skomba, Senior Marketing Director for McCaffery Interests. "While the artists we considered were quite talented, their works were not specific to Chicago or Lincoln Park."

"When our Project Development Manager for The Lincoln Common, Denice Bocek, showed us Josh Moulton's work in LCA's newsletter, we were immediately sold. Who better to illustrate the beauty and vibrancy of Lincoln Park than a local artist? Josh's photo-realistic style provides a beautiful and accurate representation of the neighborhood and has served as a perfect complement to our renderings and photography," said Skomba. "We are thrilled that he allowed us to license his paintings and even more excited that we're able to highlight a local artist in our marketing campaign."

"Having my images of Lincoln Park licensed for use in their online marketing has been really terrific," said Josh. "My contract is for four images, and they're also using my photography. Every image will have my website and name on it. And I'm commissioned to do a painting of the complex to hang in somewhere in Lincoln Common when the project is complete."